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At www.JoshBuysLand.com, two of the most common questions we are asked are:

  1. How do I know that Josh is a real person?
  2. Is Josh Buys Land a legitimate, trustworthy business?

Obviously, it is important that we establish trust with our potential Sellers as they become aware of our services and contact us.

Most of the time, our potential Sellers convey to us that they are interested in how to sell vacant land, selling vacant land by owner, selling land for cash, selling land without a Realtor, or something of the like.  They want to know how they can sell land fast, who am I, and why they should conduct business with me.

My first answer in this line of inquiry is to ask them to visit www.JoshBuysLand.com.  

There, my professional biography can be found on the About page of the website, and there is also a link to my LinkedIn profile, where an even more detailed and extended version of my professional work history is located, to include all of my assignments in the Army, descriptions of all of the military and civilian education I have completed, all of the awards I have received, and a description of our ongoing non-profit work with The Enduring Charity Foundation.

Secondly, you can go to our Josh Buys Land Facebook page to see what we are up to, and from there you can visit my personal Facebook page.  You will see that I have been posting actively on Facebook for probably 10 years now, and by reviewing my personal Facebook page, you can get a sense of who I am both personally and professionally.

If you want further proof that Josh from Josh Buys Land is a real person, then I would encourage you to pick up the phone and give me a call.  My direct line is 850.860.7526.  This number rings my personal cell phone, which only I answer.

Once we start working with our potential Sellers, I will usually send them a copy of my driver’s license and / or my retired military ID card, as those photo identification cards are, I believe, meaningful proof that I am who I say I am.

With regard to the second part of this line of thinking (is Josh Buys Land a legitimate, trustworthy business?), my answer is that we are a legitimate and trustworthy business, and we want you to trust us, but the good news is that you do not have to.  

Why don’t you need to trust us?  The answer is simple:  we use licensed professionals to conduct all our purchases, and they act as an impartial intermediary, which protects both Buyer and Seller.

Specifically, if we are buying a piece of land from you, we will either use a mobile notary or a title company.

When using a mobile notary, he or she will bring you certified funds (via a Wells Fargo cashier’s check), and have the paperwork ready to go.  We encourage our mobile notaries to meet our Sellers at the local Wells Fargo Bank, so that the mobile notary can, in front of our Seller, present the cashier’s check to the branch manager of the bank, and ask him or her to verify the check as authentic and valid.

The branch manager will look at our check, which are always authentic and valid, and verify that everything is in order, and our Seller is good to conduct their business safely.

For larger purchases (more than $10,000), we usually use a title company.

For those of you that don’t know, a title company is a business that acts as an intermediary and independent third party to real estate transactions.

Title companies hold the Seller’s paperwork until the Buyer’s money is right, and they hold the Buyer’s money until Seller’s paperwork is right.  Once everything is in order, the title company will complete (or close) the transaction by giving the Seller their money (in certified funds, usually a wire transfer or company check) and by giving the Buyer their paperwork (a properly signed and notarized deed).

Whether we conduct a closing with a mobile notary or through a title company, we always do business with a third party between us and our honorable Seller, in order to make sure the paperwork is right, the money is right and to protect all parties in the transaction.

Now, with all that being said, we still want you to think of us as trustworthy people.

So I ask you:  what can we do to make you feel more comfortable?

Similarly to paying in certified funds, as long as the commuting distance is not too far, we are happy to drive out, meet with our Sellers, and shake hands.  We love getting to see new places and meeting with people.

In this regard, we want to do whatever we can to prove that we are legitimate business people, and that Josh really does buy land.

So in review:  you are safe to trust us because we at Josh Buys Land are legitimate and honest business people.  However, you really do not have to trust us, because we use licensed professionals, such as notaries and title companies, to be that independent, third-party intermediary between Buyer and Seller; making sure that the money is right, making sure that the paperwork is right, and protecting all parties in the transaction.

It is my hope that the information I have provided herein answers our potential Sellers’ questions about my being a real person, and ours being a legitimate and trustworthy business.

So if you do have unwanted vacant land, I encourage you to visit www.JoshBuysLand.com, submit your information, and we will be in touch quickly with your free, no obligation cash offer.

As always, Thank You for your consideration, and I look forward to doing business with you at www.JoshBuysLand.com

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